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June 28 2012


Psy 280

Psy280 - Unfortunately we look at today society and we think about all the heinous actions people are doing these days, like the incident in Arizona with the shooting at a government rally, the Columbine school shootings and many more.  

Psy 280 - We ask ourselves what drives these people to act like this, is it Genetics or is the environment.   As look into history and we read about the great theorist like Freud, Watson and Piaget, we wonder if they found the answer or is Human Development still a mystery.   In the following paragraphs we will talk about three theories that are believed to be the development of children and there road to be an adult and what influenced them to be who they are today.

Acc544 - There are three theories in which give us a road map of development from infancy, The first would be Sigmund Freud and his Theory of Psychoanalysis.   The psychoanalytic theory is defined as , a theory of human development that holds that irrational, unconscious drives and motives, often originating in childhood, underlie human behavior(Berger, 2010).   He believes that development in the first 6 years provide the foundation for adult behavior.    

Acc 544 - As we all know Freud was a very sexual thinker and created the theory of development on three stages in a young child life.   The first stage is the oral stage,   this is when an infant experiences the mouth, the next stage is the anal stage which is in early childhood, this focuses on the anus.   In preschool   years children enter the phallic stage, this is when the penis becomes a source of pride and fear for boys and a reason for sadness and envy for girls(Berger,2010).   In middle school Freud believed that children entered the genital stage at puberty, he that these stages linked the development of the needs, challenges and conflicts and how people experience and resolve these conflicts.

Psy 280

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